Michelle Hirschman, LCSW

Founder and Coach

Michelle is a clinical professional with a deep understanding of adult mental health and addiction challenges. Her work has ranged from clinical work at treatment centers in California, to the town of Ho in Ghana, West Africa, where Michelle provided case management services at a psychiatric unit with addicts and alcoholics and pioneered an AA meeting for the town. “I was able to educate the staff about the disease of addiction/alcoholism and provide them with AA literature that they had never seen before.”

Michelle’s journey to become a therapist began with a counseling internship as an undergraduate at University of California, Santa Barbara, where she practiced hospice work, psychiatric social work, and counseling at a transitional living home serving clients with co-occuring disorders. Michelle pursued her Master’s of Social Work at Washington University in May ’99 and obtained her MSW.

With her graduate degree, Michelle began her professional journey on Capitol Hill supporting various Senators and non-profits on legislation and lobbying efforts that revolved around women’s issues. From there, she served the homeless population in Washington, D.C., working primarily with the chronically mentally ill as well as those suffering from alcoholism and addiction. She eventually returned to California where she worked at a Suicide Prevention Center and also started her own nutritional consulting business, educating athletes and newly sober folks on nutrition and supplements. Michelle has worked with clients at all levels of care: outpatient, extended and residential treatment programs.

Michelle created the concept of “My Sober Coach” which is now part of the services Hirschman Clinical provides.  This coaching concept was designed to bridge the gap between treatment and independent living, with the focus being on continued life skills development. The coach’s role is to empower, inspire and resource each client and help them find passion and purpose in their lives.

“Recovery from mental health and addiction issues can be an excruciatingly painful process without the right supports. Having a professional coach, helping with daily and sometimes hourly challenges, is crucial in not only preventing crisis/relapse, but supporting a more peaceful and happy existence in each person’s life.”

Chris Jones


Chris is completing his MBA through Pepperdine University. Chris entered the mental health and addiction fields in 2012 with a diverse background in business, marketing, event planning and coordinating.

Chris’ desire to be a part of the mental health community began with a passion for helping people and giving back to his community. In 2012, Chris co-founded Smash Life, LLC, a philanthropic, action sports-based lifestyle company that promotes a positive attitude, community outreach, and helping others reach their full potential. Chris brings to the table a can-do attitude and the belief that we can always “do better.”

Chris helps to provide his clients with the skills needed to live a full and productive life while guiding them to make positive life choices. Goal setting, creating action plans, accountability, scheduling and sharing his experience, strength and hope are all things in which Chris takes great pride.

Before entering the mental health field, Chris was a touring musician and responsible for coordinating and planning over 400 events up and down the West Coast. Through his work as a tour coordinator, event planner, his role at Smash Life, and a desire to help others, Chris has a unique background that combines his passion and strength for bringing people together through the coordination of special events.

Amber Lopez Molnar, AMFT

Coach & Psychotherapist

Amber is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist that specializes in maternal mental health ranging from infertility and conception through postpartum issues. In addition, she has worked within the addiction and mental health field for the past three years. Amber has a B.A Degree in Psychology from California State University Northridge and a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. Prior to this, she received her Master of Arts Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from St. John’s University in New York,

Amber’s passion for specializing in maternal mental health developed after her own experiences with infertility and becoming a mother. She believes that it truly does take a village when having children, and hopes to offer a supportive and non- judgmental space during this time. She is a graduate of Postpartum Action Institute and holds a certificate in maternal mental health from Postpartum Support International where she is also a member.

Amber began her traineeship at CLARE Foundation where she provided individual and family therapy to clients with addiction and mental health issues. She also ran several groups such as; Seeking Safety, Mindfulness, Healthy Relationships and Anger Management. She continued to her postgraduate training at Sovereign Health where she was part of a comprehensive team of psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses to provide psychotherapy for dual diagnosis clients.

Currently, Amber is working with the Hirschman Clinical team as a Mommy Coach, Sober Coach and psychotherapist.

Rebecca Gorin, AMFT

Coach & Psychotherapist

Rebecca is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Clinical Counselor. She received her Bachelors in Social Work from Arizona State University and then went on to get her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. She began her clinical experience in a Residential Treatment Center working with individuals experiencing a current crisis and co-occurring disorders. Here she provided psychotherapy, crisis intervention and ran bi-weekly therapeutic groups. These groups included: seeking safety, mindfulness and relapse prevention. She then went on to work at Didi Hirsch’s outpatient clinic. There she provided individual and family psychotherapy, crisis intervention and case management services to individuals struggling with mental health, trauma, homelessness and co-occurring disorders.

Rebecca worked as a Child Development Specialist in a nursery with children in crisis experiencing homelessness. She was also a behavioral coach for children exhibiting disruptive behavior and teens in the juvenile justice system. Additionally, she worked with children and adolescents diagnosed with autism. During her Social Work Internship Rebecca developed and facilitated a group for at-risk teens and implemented mindfulness and stress reduction workshops in public schools. She was also involved in efforts to decrease and prevent substance abuse within the community. Additionally, she worked alongside her Professor at ASU conducting research on domestic sex-trafficking.

Rebecca is passionate about and skilled at working with eating disorders, substance abuse, and other self-defeating behaviors. Rebecca utilizes individualized and holistic interventions, empowering others to develop a healthy relationship with themselves, discover their authenticity and build a life they want to live.

Roxanna Yashouafar, LCSW

Clinical Assistant

Roxanna received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development, and her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California, concentrating her studies in families and children. She is a Certified Anger Management Facilitator from Anderson & Anderson Anger Management. Roxanna’s passion in mental health began when she began her undergraduate internship at a non-public school, counseling and co-facilitating art therapy groups for at-risk youth.

Roxanna began her post-graduate work at an anger management practice. She specialized in assisting court mandated clients with anger management in an individual and group setting. Roxanna continued her journey at a local non-profit organization as a social worker and therapist. She worked with children and families who were court-mandated, in completing their mandates, using a practical and interactive approach. Roxanna utilized art in her daily practice with clients as a healing tool. In utilizing art on an individual basis, Roxanna recognized the need for client’s to develop a healthy hobby as an outlet for stress and anxiety. Roxanna developed and facilitated art therapy groups for clients of all ages, which assisted clients in finding peace and direction and finding passion and purpose in their lives.

Roxanna recognizes the importance of collaborating with an interdisciplinary team including therapists, psychiatrists, and medical staff, as a way to provide a safe and healthy environment for the client. Roxanna carries this philosophy and her passion for utilizing art into her role as a sober coach and is passionate about assisting clients in utilizing all their resources and artistic ability to find their passion and purpose.

Roxanna has been working with HCS for over 5 years and is currently supervising the staff and ensure that families and the clients are satisfied with services at HCS.

Nicole Kazan, MSW


Nicole graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Global Health, Bachelors of Arts in Sociology, and her Masters in Social Work from Arizona State University. Nicole has cross-cultural training from North America to Africa and has worked with those in need of care and support all over the globe. Her cross-cultural experience includes working with victims of abuse, impoverished families/youth, trauma, and substance abuse.

After obtaining her graduate degree, Nicole began her professional journey at the United Nations, where she worked for UN Women researching the needs of women organizations around the world. She then began her stateside clinical experience at a mental health clinic in Austin, Texas, where she practiced cognitive testing, psychotherapy. She also worked with families to make necessary adjustments in lifestyle, academic structure, and living arrangements after receiving a diagnosis of a cognitive or developmental disability. Nicole continued her training at a residential detoxification treatment facility. Here she worked in the field of substance abuse and assisted in teaching harm-reduction recovery models, motivational interviewing, 12-Step facilitation, and psychosocial approaches to clients with substance abuse disorder.

Nicoles utilizes both her passion and education in the field of Social Work to implement individualized and holistic interventions, motivational interviewing, and strength-based techniques empowering others to develop a healthy relationship with themselves. She believes that change happens when people are given the guidance they need to draw on their strengths and realize their potential to live fulfilling happy lives.