Hirschman Clinical Services, (previously My Sober Coach/My Ed Coach/My Sex and Love Addiction Coach) was launched in 2005 when Michelle observed vulnerable people in early recovery from mental health and/or addiction issues get taken advantage of by coaches because there was no regulation in this industry. Many of those people transitioning out of treatment centers had no idea how to get a job, get back into school, manage their time, engage in hobbies, budget their money, have healthy relationships, or manage their medications. They were struggling within weeks after leaving residential support and Michelle watched too many people die or hop from one treatment center to the next due to chronic relapsing. She couldn’t watch that level of suffering anymore and got inspired to do something about it. So, Michelle launched a therapeutic coaching company, run by a group of Master’s level clinicians that would help each client get unstuck, learn new skills and move forward in their life in a more inspired way.

Michelle had come up with a five-pronged therapeutic coaching model which included Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills, Psychoeducation, Crisis Intervention and Case Management. At any given time in coaching sessions, these tools were used in addition to behavioral modification techniques and practical skill building. She created a mobile service to meet clients where they were at and to be able to build the skills they needed in the community. She hired strong professional mentors that she trains individually to maintain the continuity of care she had developed. HCS is collaborative with all different types of services so that the client has continuity of care and a strong supportive wrap around team.

Over the years she developed specialized coaching services to address various types of life transition issues such as; Eating Disorders, Chemical Dependency, sex/love addiction, mental health, and the challenges of being a new mother. In 2017 Michelle Hirschman expanded the services to include assessments, case management, life skills groups and mobile psychotherapy to further support the work that coach’s do.

Michelle has observed that clients transition out of HCS feeling resourced, grounded, and more liberated on their new path and move forward in a more esteemed way.