Our licensed clinical social workers and therapists do thorough assessments that look at the whole individual. What this means is that we look at each person’s biological history (medical issues, addiction history, medications used, illnesses, etc), psychological (psychiatric illness, strong stressors like bereavement, trauma, personality, etc), and sociological (school/work, living environment, family, cultural factors, relationships), so that we can gain knowledge of all parts of the person.

We do this so that we can customize a plan of support for each person. We can create assessments for clients; that need a discharge plan after leaving a treatment program, their current discharge plans aren’t working well, they have been chronically relapsing or they need help in being placed in treatment. Each aftercare plan is individualized for the needs of each client. We don’t believe there is one treatment that works for all, and it is important to factor in each person’s distinct needs when looking at outpatient services or in helping someone enter residential treatment.

Our assessments can help with the following:

-Help clients/families filter through the resources that aren’t ethically being run, (transitional livings, Intensive Outpatient Programs and sober/transitional.
-Create a treatment plan which could include residential treatment and/or Intensive Outpatient Program and a discharge plan. We would help set things up from start to finish and keep the facility accountable to providing the best support possible.
-Develop an affordable plan within client’s budget of supports that can help in the short and long term.
-Identify core challenges and find resources to help with those specific areas; (if they are NOT at HCS, we will create a plan with other services, we don’t limit these plans to just HCS)