Case Management at HCS provides individually-customized mental health care for people experiencing frequent setbacks or persistent challenges to their recovery. Having a case manager oversee their care can often prevent hospitalizations or inpatient stays. This type of service can be set up for long term or short term support. At HCS, our case managers are mobile and collaborate with all members of the clinical team to maintain the continuity of care and keep everyone accountable to their role with the client.

Case management can help with the following:

-Support trustees, conservators, and financial advisors that are responsible for the individuals with mental illness and/or addiction issues in making clinical decisions
-By utilizing a case manager, family members do not have to become overly involved in the day to day challenges that could come up.
-Help families with a family member that is active in their mental illness and/or addiction issues. Through education, resources and support a case manager can guide them through the difficult time till their family member becomes ready to get help.
-Case managers can be a long-term support to track someone on a weekly/monthly basis on their progress and keep them accountable to their recovery plan. They can be supportive during times of crisis that might come up for clients with chronic mental illness issues.
-Case Managers do NOT provide coaching or therapy services. Their main role is to keep each client accountable to their goals and intentions and provide resources, support and crisis intervention services when challenges come up.