Therapy can be helpful in getting to the deep roots of our sadness, anger or pain. It can also help clients better understand why they are feeling stuck, struggle with addictive patterns of behavior and better understand why challenges might be coming up in intimate and personal relationships. While coaching services provides action steps to get through life one day at a time; therapy will help process where the pain and suffering comes from so that it is understood and examined. Without understanding our pain and suffering, our actions can only take us so far.

The ability to have a mobile therapist can be useful for many whom have busy work schedules, have children to take care of, have mental health/addiction issues that get in the way of getting to an office, and/or generally feel more comfortable in their home or office setting. This can also be helpful for busy couples that due to work and/or family obligations have time constraints. Having a therapist that can go to them, prevents delays in life challenges that can come up. Additionally, a mobile therapist can support people with handicaps and/or the elderly population. We have therapists that have different specialties and can support individuals, couples and families in their home environments.